About Court Boice

I’m not a politician: I’ve held one public office, Curry County Commissioner. I believe in small government, individual liberty and the free enterprise system.

Other than the Bible, our U.S. constitution is the greatest document ever written. It is our road map to what works.

History is absolutely invaluable as it is our protection, correction and direction.

I have accomplished a great deal in my life; none of which I can take credit for! The things I’m proud of were simply due to the ‘Grace of God’, hard working parents and a kid who grew up in the USA. My job will be to help make the lives of Congressional District 4 residents better. I look forward to working with you all. I’m confident that serving as your congressman is where I can be the most help and make the greatest difference for our communities.

Court Boice has local heritage dating back to the 1800’s. He was born in Gold Beach’s Curry General Hospital in 1954. He has been a resident of Southern Oregon ever since.

Courts Whitewater Rogue River Tour Boat

Court has served Curry County and Southern Oregon since 1973 with his work as a commercial Jet Boat Pilot carrying over 300,000 passengers on the Rogue River in 40 years, River Guide and Outfitter, Paradise Lodge Owner/Operator, Rancher and publicly as a member of the Oregon State Marine Board. He has served the youth of the community as a Basketball coach, has worked in Economic Development and has performed numerous wedding ceremonies in the Rogue Wilderness.

Court Boice has been a Christian since he was 12. He is fortunate to be in excellent health and is semi-retired. Court and his wife Britt are proud of their 3 sons and 8 grandchildren who range in age from ‘Court’ (21) down to Keaton who is (3).

Jerry Boice founder Jerry’s Rogue Jets – Courts Uncle


● Honesty ● Reverence ● Hope ● Thrift ● Humility ● Charity ● Sincerity ●
● Hard Work ● Courage ● Personal Responsibility and Gratitude ●

Alden Boice with Jerry’s first boat – Courts Uncle

These are not just words, but a ‘goal of lifestyle’.
Is there any vision more important for any of us as Oregonians?

Alden Boice

Alden’s interest in boat building culminated in his building aluminum boats which he designed to be capable of running over the riffles of Rogue River at very high speeds and in extremely shallow water. He worked with the Berkeley Jet Co. and perfected the Boice Built Boats using the Berkeley Jets. He built the “Klamath Queen” with a capacity for 72 passengers, which his brother, Court, piloted on the Klamath. Alden’s favorite boat was the “Trudy D.”

Court Boice has extensive experience and knowledge as a river jet boat pilot.  Court has operated over 8,000 tour trips on the Rogue River since 1972.  In 1973 he ran the first aluminum passenger boat ever used in Oregon and in 1976 he piloted the first inboard river jet to navigate the entire 120 miles between Gold Beach and Grant’s Pass, Oregon.  In 1985 Court designed and operated the first three-engine white water passenger boat ever used in the world.  Using river jets, Court has transported pickup trucks, large John Deere tractors and other unique and valuable cargo into wilderness property.

Court has piloted boats at a low flow of 820 cfs and at a high flow of 155,000 cfs.  Court has performed rescues at levels as high as 40,000 cfs. 

Collectively the Boice family has hundreds of years of river jet experience.  Court’s Uncle Alden began building wooden jets in the late 50’s.  In 1971 Alden was one of the very first aluminum jet manufacturers in North America.

Court is a past member of the Oregon State Marine Board, past owner of Court’s White Water Tours, past part/owner of Jerry’s Jet Boats, and past owner of Paradise Lodge on the Rogue River.