Congressional District 4 Economic Challenges

Much needed new motivated leadership can bring new or improved solutions to Congressional District 4 economic challenges. Join Court today!

Court is very motivated in solving the unique economic dilemma of Congressional District 4 which has been hamstrung with Public Land Management. Over 4 million acres of public land in District 4 is not producing timber revenue in lieu of taxes as promised or taxes. Let’s face it if you live in congressional district 4 you are subsidizing federally controlled land with your property taxes.

Republican Servant Leader

With little or no revenue generated from over 4 million acres of public land a funding crisis has ballooned for district 4 counties. Court believes when your bleeding you must address the wound and protect yourself from what wounded you, a band aids won’t do it, we need a long term solution and he is determined to find or create that solution with your help.

The major factor in funding of county governments in Congressional District 4 is Public Land revenue. Without Public Land Revenue County taxes have to be increased to backfill withheld payments from Public Lands or cut or go without service. State Law requires certain levels of Public Safety services if those services are not met, the state can come in and provide those services and bill the tax payers. Not a good alternative because it will be expensive.

We are put in the position of subsidizing the federal government and many of Congressional District 4’s seven counties are going broke doing so.

A major reason Court decided to run for Congress is that he has seen as a County Commissioner and as a board member of the O&C Timber counties how impossible the financial future is for District 4 Counties. Congressional District 4 has over 4 million acres of Public Land both USFS and BLM that are not contributing to our financial base as promised. Over 60% of Curry Counties land base does not contribute to the county tax base; this is mirrored in other District 4 counties.

Court connects with Timber Management here cutting windfall tree

Court looked at our national leadership and understood all revenue based legislation begins in the House of Representitives. Our Congressman has had 31 years in office to address the mega issue of Public Land Funding. There were even many years his party held all three branches of government but our senior congressman failed to bring a lasting Public Land Management solution to District 4. In fact they blocked it.

In 1994 the Northwest Forest Plan known as Clinton Timber Initiative was conceived and implemented cutting timber harvest to 25% of historical levels with promise of sustained harvest to support counties, law enforcement, roads and schools. Under the Northwest Forest Plan today there is almost no timber harvest or thinning which of course means there is almost no timber management or timber revenue to counties. On fires the plan says “Learn to Live with Wildfire”, says it all for itself.

Our Congressman has served long and somewhat effectively but he has brought band aids to our greatest issue, it is time for a new approach as we are bleeding and running out of blood.

This great video from Healthy Forest Healthy Communities speaks to Congressional District 4 economic issues derived from Public Land Management.

Court has been counseled by many to wait a few years before running for congress but he feels the situation is dire now for Congressional District 4 and we are about out of time so the time is of the essence, we cannot afford to wait.

Court is very aware there are many other economic issues local and national addressing District 4 and we will be adding more policy direction as the election gets closer. We welcome your input as input is a great influence in developing District 4 policy on all subjects.


*  As your Congressman, I will strongly do my part to help prepare Oregon for the coming Economic Boom. 

*  As your Congressman, I will strongly support wise Forest Management — stop the mega fires and summer smoke and replant forest burned areas for the future.

*  As your Congressman, I will address Immigration Reform including protecting our boarders.

*  As your Congressman, I will work very hard assure Public Safety as one of my top priorities.



 Please Email Court your concerns and input.