New Grassroots Leadership

Unafraid to tackle the tough situations life throws our way. Willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with you and fight for balanced Congressional District 4 representation in congress.

Court when he was 16 yrs. old in Washington D.C office of last moderate to hold Oregon’s 4th Congressional District in 1971 – Congressman John Dellenback and his wife Mary

New Grassroots Leadership from an Oregon native son born of a very large pioneer homesteading family of diverse occupations. Court’s father was the 2nd youngest children born throughout the depression years. Everyone had to help support the family and without a strong work ethic, survival would not have been assured. Court learned that work ethic from his Dad Sheriff Allen Boice, a Marine in World War II along with many uncles, and also his mother Meryl a registered nurse of 62 years and county historian.

Court Boice has local heritage dating back to the 1800’s. He was born in Gold Beach’s Curry General Hospital in 1954. He has been a resident of Southwest Oregon ever since.


Court has served Curry County and Southwest Oregon since 1973 with his work as a commercial Jet Boat Pilot, River Guide and Outfitter, Paradise Lodge Owner Operator, Rancher and publicly as a member of the Oregon State Marine Board. He has served the youth of the community as a Basketball coach, has worked in Economic Development and has performed numerous wedding ceremonies in the Rogue Wilderness.

Courts Dad Allen Boice famous River Sheriff

Court Boice has been a Christian since he was 12. He is fortunate to be in excellent health and is semi-retired. Court and his wife Britt are proud of 3 sons and 8 grandchildren who range in age from ‘Court’ (21) down to Keaton who is (3).

Court’s Personal Values

● Honesty ● Reverence ● Hope ● Thrift ● Humility ● Charity ● Sincerity ● Hard Work ● Courage ● Personal Responsibility and Gratitude ●

These are not just words, but a ‘goal of lifestyle’
Is there any vision more important for any of us as Oregonians?

Courts family History full of Public Service

  • Grandfather, Allen Boice, Sr.:  Curry County Commissioner and County Judge throughout the 30’s and 40’s. He raised 12 children through the depression years.

Commissioner Allen Boice Sr. with Oregon Governor Martin in 1936

  • Father, Allen Boice, Jr: United States Marine, Logger, Curry County Sheriff in the 60’s and 70’s. The popular book ‘River Rogue Sheriff’ detailed his fascinating life.

    Courts Dad Sherriff Alan with Roselyn and Jimmy Carter at Paradise Lodge


Court and Wife Britt at the home on Sweet Ranch

  • Wife, Britt: Real Estate, Private Lending, Inspirational Speaker, Talk Show Host, Church Ministry Service.  Professional background in media including CNN Radio and CBS Television.
  • Mother, Meryl Boice: Local historian, writer, practicing Registered Nurse of 62 years.
  • Sister, Julie Marstall: Lifetime resident of Southern Oregon. Successful Gold Beach financial advisor, Marstall Insurance Services.
  • Sister, Peggie Botielho who lives in Vancouver Washington.
  • Brother-in-law, Greg Marstall: Lifetime resident of Southern Oregon. Gold Beach McKay’s Supermarket Manager, 35 years.

Beverly Clarno: Oregon State Representative Bend, ‘Speaker of the Oregon House

  • First Cousin, Beverly Clarno: Oregon State Representative Bend, ‘Speaker of the Oregon House’ 1995-1997

Image result for Commissioner Chris Boice

  • Second Cousin, Chris Boice: Current Douglas County Commissioner. Chris showed tremendous leadership in the horrific Umpqua Community College shooting tragedy