Introduction, Court Boice For Congress

We would like to introduce you to Curry County Commissioner Court Boice and allow you to see his energy, practical experience in industry, outdoors and the land along with his promise for balanced representation of Oregon’s U.S. Congressional District 4. Court Boice for Congress.

Occupation: Traditional Family Man, Business Man, Rancher, River Pilot, Curry County Commissioner

Occupational Background:
Past Owner Operator Paradise Wilderness Lodge

Courts Wilderness Lodge on the Rogue River

Past Part-Owner Jerry’s Rogue River Tours

Jerry’s Rogue Jets

Past Part – Owner Boice Jet Boat Manufacturing

Boice Jets – build the first Aluminum Jet Boat ever sent to Russia

Legislative Assistant Oregon State Capitol

Tree Faller
Orchardist & Oregon State University Master Gardener

Court as Legislative Aid at the Oregon Capitol Building

Curry County Commissioner

Court with giant Madrone Tree

Association of Oregon Counties Board Member

Association of O&C Counties Board Member

Educational Background: 

Court Boice Rancher

Gold Beach High Grad
US Coast Guard Life-Saving & CPR Training
Former OR Contractor # 177247
U.S. Coast Guard Captains Inland Whitewater License

Governmental Experience:
Oregon State Marine Board Member, 8 years – 2 years Chair
Coos Curry Business Development Corp. Board Member
South Coast Business Employment Corp. Board Member
Oregon Legislature – Legislative Aid 

Curry County Commissioner 
Association of Oregon Counties Board Member
Association of O&C Counties Board Member
Curry Community Health Board Member
Coos Curry Douglas Business Development Board Member
Southern Oregon Workers Investment Board Member
Curry Wildfire Recovery and Protection Committee President and Founder

Court Boice has been a Christian since he was 12. He is fortunate to be in excellent health and is semi-retired. Court and his wife Britt are proud of 3 sons and 8 grandchildren who range in age from ‘Court’ (22) down to Keaton who is (3).

Courts Personal Values – True Servant Leader

● Honesty ● Reverence ● Hope ● Thrift ● Humility ● Charity ● Sincerity ●
● Hard Work ● Courage ● Personal Responsibility and Gratitude ●

These are not just words, but a ‘goal of lifestyle’
Is there any vision more important for any of us as Oregonians?

This Article will give you insight into Courts Personality


GOLD BEACH, Oregon December 4, 2017

In July 2017, Curry County Commissioner Court Boice testified in Marion County Oregon against bank robber Bradley William Monical.  This man was tried for three counts of bank robbery and the attempted murder of Boice back in 2011.  More than 6 years later, he was found guilty of all four charges and recently sentenced to 30 years in prison.  In 2013, Monical also escaped from the Medford-Jackson County jail and avoided recapture for several months.  Later that year and also in Marion County he attacked a guard and is still awaiting trial for those and related charges.

In 2011 just down from the State Capital where Court Boice was working as a legislative assistant and in the Salem Chase Bank when Monical used a gun for the robbery.  The accompanying photo shows the suspect standing behind an unaware Boice, who shortly after realized what was happening.  Court decided to quietly follow the robber out of the bank, staying with him and quickly breaking into a run which went for more than four blocks.

During the pursuit, Monical shouted threats at Boice “I’m going to kill you!” and then in a back alley, he did fire his 9mm pistol at Boice, however missed.  Court continued following him, both getting to the assailants car a second time.  Boice was getting his license plate number while at the same time challenging Monical to give up.  Instead the robber bulled through traffic making his getaway.

Boice stated that “Monical is a very bad guy who put the barrel of that gun directly in the faces of those innocent bank tellers, took a shot at me, assaulted different police officers, and also escaped custody.  I am thankful that I was able to contribute toward his further and full incarceration.  No doubt most of my friends would have done the same thing.  My Dad taught me when I was young; you always run at danger even when your scared.  We all have to do what we can to help keep our society civilized.  I am glad that he will be in jail for a very long time”.

Danger is not uncommon to Court Boice.  From 1973 – 2005, his family owned Paradise Lodge, so he has helped with numerous rescue efforts on Oregon’s famed River.  For over 40 years, he has used his skills as a world class Jet Boat operator to save lives and help injured or stranded Rogue Wilderness visitors.  In 1997, near Blossom Bar Rapids and with one of his Paradise Lodge Boats, Court pulled 5 men out of the River in flood conditions and near freezing temperatures.  His latest rescue was in Jan 2017 when he ran a Jet Boat upriver from Agness, 19 miles into the Rogue Wilderness, also during flood stage in order to retrieve an injured man needing medical attention.      February 11th, 2011

Man who chased bank robber is a hero!

Sadly, the Feb. 2nd online poll question (“What do you think about the actions of a bank customer who chased the suspect after a recent bank robbery?”) reveals that only one in four recognize heroism when they see it.

For too long we’ve been conditioned that to get involved is “foolish” and “dangerous”, so that we now honor the one that turns away, with hands in his pockets as wise.

Court Boice is the son of Allen Boice former Curry County sheriff, immortalized in the book “River Rogue Sheriff.” Allen was not a career lawman, simply a man who saw a need and stepped up. He raised Court to do what’s right and look out for his neighbors. Knowing Court, to do nothing never crossed his mind.

Of course the police tell you not to get involved: they don’t want you to risk harm. What happens to our civilized society without protectors among us: police, firefighters, the military and, yes “foolish” men like Court Boice?

Bruce Hoffman, Salem