Protecting The Constitution

Protecting the Constitution and the Oath of Office

Other than the Bible, our U.S. constitution is the greatest document ever written. It is our road map to what works. History is absolutely invaluable as it is our protection, correction and direction.

I have great respect for and honor the constitution. When I think of the constitution it brings to mind the founding fathers that risked all to found a new country no one thought could be done, fighting the greatest military power of the time and prevailing, absolutely amazing. I believe God graced us as a nation and should be looked to for guidance.

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One of my greatest disappointments is that so many elected Senators and Congressmen raise there hand and swore to God to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States and then do nothing or little to do so; as would honorable men. This maybe one of the reasons congress has such a low approval rating.

I will uphold the oath of office with pride as it is a privilege to serve our county, these are more than words but a promise I will keep.

I am reminded when nearly 50 Democrat Senators voted to join a United Nations Arms Agreement that would have given control of much of our 2nd Amendment rights to the United Nations. A treasonous vote that failed, but the oath was stomped on by these Senators.

The Constitution and Courts

Opinions of the court are meant to be reflections of the Constitution and not laws in themselves.

Freedom of Religion

Freedom of Religion:  “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion”.  Congress cannot make law requiring a particular religion to be practiced. “Or prohibit the free exercise, thereof”.

It is a stretch to ban prayer as prayer is practiced by many religions. This passage protects religion from government intrusion but nowhere does it say religion cannot affect government.

It is important to know what is written in the Constitution and compare it to today and ask, “Is this an issue that the government should be regulating?  What does the Constitution say about it?” It is very important to stay vigilant.

There is a quote attributed to Thomas Jefferson, “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.”

The 2nd Amendment: The Second Amendment of the Constitution reads: “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Court is a NRA Member for over a decade.

Every Member of Congress should be given an education and knowledge test of the Constitution, it is the guiding document for our government that their work should follow. No excuses.