True Servant Leader for Congress

Court Boice a True Servant Leader running for Oregon Congressional District 4. Bringing the ground up wisdom and selfless leadership as only experience can provide.

Reason 1 why you will Vote for Court: You will just simply like him and his down to earth style with a quick smile, he is one of us and no one will work harder nor care more.

Court is not your typical Congressional Candidate.

Working Man for the People

He is an elected leader and has and does hold elected public office. As a True Servant Leader he is most often first in line to help others while he encourages others to join in. He connects with people from all walks of life as he has done for over 45 years during his career as  a Rogue River Jet Boat Captain and Wilderness Lodge owner.

Court has met and visited with thousands of Rogue River visitors and has a gift of remembering many, even years later, mostly because he loves people and their stories. He has a deep respect for those that came before us that he likely acquired from “Mother Boice” (Meryl Boice a nurse of 62 years and County Historian).

Court Boice True Servant Leader

Court is warm, friendly and energetic, visiting with him most always produces a smile and laughter from him and whoever he is speaking with. He can speak to a room or individually and is growing in experience everyday.

Court was an underdog against a popular incumbent County Commissioner in Curry County. Court won in a landslide winning all 26 precincts in Curry County and finishing with nearly 62% of the vote when they said he couldn’t win.

Court as Legislative Aid in Oregon’s Legislature

Reason 2 why you will Vote for Court: How has the last 31 years worked for the citizens of District 4.

30 Years ago we had mills working, everyone knew a logger or loggers, there were great deer herds in Western Oregon. Rivers were receiving all time record returns of Spring and Fall Salmon in 1986 and 1987 – the 10 year average salmon returns were near record levels. Timber revenues supported schools, roads, education, law enforcement and county governments.

Wild and Scenic Chetco River


Today there are very few mills, almost no one can name a employed logger or lumber mill worker by name, the few remaining mills are starving for logs and shutting down. Now law suits manage the forests and fish runs, not real biologists and timber managers with local input. Western Oregon Deer Herds are decimated and getting worse. Salmon runs are floundering near record 10 year average lows, Ocean Salmon Fishing is all but a thing of the past with only token seasons and harvests.

30 years ago we did not have the homeless issues we do now, we had jobs, our kids mostly graduated from high school, now Oregon has the 3rd lowest high school graduation rate in the nation ranking #47 of 50 at just over 78%. Oregon also has the 3rd highest state income tax in the nation.

A corruption of morals and a breakdown of families has eroded our young generations lack of strong work ethic and skills. 30 years ago the young followed their parents into the work force, not anymore, few do. Much of this is a sign of an economy in decline.

Your current congressman was on watch the last 31 years and what was done to soften the blows District 4 has received?

Reason 3 why you will Vote for Court: 43 years ago was the last time a Republican represented the 4th Congressional District, Congressman John Dellenback a moderate was also the first Director of the Peace Corps.


This photo shows Court (in 1971) when he was 16 yrs. old in the Washington D.C office of the last Republican to hold Oregon’s 4th Congressional District – Congressman John Dellenback and his wife Mary.

After 43 years it is time for a change. Our current congressman has just started his 32nd year, things are not good in Oregon or the 4th Congressional District. 

He is now in the minority of congress and has held town hall meetings promoting obstruction to the Republican agenda. How can you reach bi-partisan agreement with this mindset? 

Reason 4 why you will Vote for Court: Some think Congressional District 4 is unwinnable for a Republican, not any more. 

2016 Oregon Presidential Election Results by County’s of District 4

County D Clinton R Trump    
Benton 28,431      62.4% 13,030      28.6%  District 4  Partial County
Coos 10,365      34.3% 17,699      58.6%
Curry   4,253      35.0%   7,157      58.8%
Douglas 13,891      27.1% 34,112      66.4%
Josephine 13,222      31% 26,582      62.4%  District 4  Partial County
Lane 100,497    55.5% 66,218      36.6%
Linn 17,456      31.9% 32.683      59.7%    

 Totals                                188,115                               197,481

Trump Wins the 7 District 4 Counties full vote by 2.4%

Congressional District 4 was won by Hillary Clinton by just 1 tenth of one percent (0.1%).

In truth Congressional District 4 was nearly won by a conservative republican in 2010 and the 34.3% Democrat to 28.6% Republican with 34.6% Independents and None Affiliated voter breakdown (2016) says that a strong candidate that appeals to Independent and None Affiliated voters could win.

We know Court Boice and on one knows Southwest Oregon better. We believe he will be well liked by Independent voters seeing his honesty, heart and roots.

Join us in helping restore some of the glory of Congressional District 4, help us elect Court Boice to Congress a man we can be proud of.

You have heard the term “Rather be Lucky Than Good” Courts says he has not been lucky or good but “Blessed” to grow up in rural Oregon on the Rogue River meeting thousands of people and being born with a true servant leaders heart.

“Forget all the reasons it won’t work and Believe the one reason it will.” unknown

Court knows he is the underdog but he has been the underdog many times and prevailed.