Veterans & Law Enforcement

Our Veterans have laid their lives on the line to protect our nation and our way of life. Our Law Enforcement & First Responders have and do stand the “Watch” for all of us and we respect, honor and support all of them. Court Boice

2017 Veterans Day in Gold Beach at the Veterans Memorial

Court put together a “Tour of Honor” for tourist Centers in Southern Oregon; it was a thing he wanted to do to help honor his dad a “jarhead” and his uncles who served in World War 2. He is of hope that this project gets picked up and expanded throughout Congressional District 4 and all of Oregon. Courts hope was to provide tourist information honoring our servicemen and women.

Tour of Honor, Southern Oregon’s Fabulous Veteran Memorials …

Visit the Gold Beach Veterans Memorial.  Then south into the tip of California, Hwy 97 through the Redwoods to Hwy 199 and through the Smith River Canyon.  Next to Central Point’s Fallen War Heroes Memorial. Then from Central Point to Eagle Point’s Veterans National Cemetery.  On to Merlin’s Walk of Honor.  Then to Roseburg’s VFW Remembrance Wall.  Travel Highway 38 along the Umpqua River to the Oregon Coast and the North Bend Veterans Memorial.  Travel South, headed back to Gold Beach.

Gold Beach

Curry County Veterans – Law Enforcement Memorial
Location: 94199 Caughell St., Gold Beach    97444
“Remember their sacrifice”

Gold Beach Veterans Memorial

Central Point

Oregon Fallen War Heroes Memorial
Location: 222 W Vilas Rd, Central Point   97520
“Honoring all those servicemen, living and dead, who served our nation”

Eagle Point

Veterans National Cemetery
Location: 2763 Riley Rd. Eagle Point   97524
“A memorial dedicated to All known and Unknown Veterans”

Entrance gate at Eagle Point National Cemetery.


Veterans Walk of Honor and Memorial
Location: Merlin-Galice Road, Merlin Community Park    97532
“We shall never forget”

A memorial plaque in memory of “Burrell M. Baucum, an Oregon State Police officer and soldier, brave of heart, sincere of purpose and faithful to trust, who fell here, July 1, 1933, in performance of his duty.” The plaque was inscribed by his fellow Oregon State Police officers and fellow Oregon National Guard soldiers.
Location: Merlin Rest area (northbound), milepost 63 on I-5


Veterans of Foreign Wars Remembrance Wall
Location: 127 Walnut Street, Roseburg    97470
“Honoring those who so honorably served the cause of freedom”

Roseburg Veteran Memorial

Coos Bay – North Bend

David Dewitt Veterans Memorial
Location: US Hwy 101, North Bend    97459
“Peace comes when the power of Love overcomes the Love of power”

Important additional Veteran Memorials and Parks I Southwest Oregon

Rogue River

A memorial in memory of veterans from Jackson County who were killed during the Vietnam War.

Location: Fleming Park on the Rogue River – At the Rogue River VFW post, 410 Main Street

Korean War Memorial features two plaques inscribed with the names, ranks, and dates of death of all Korean veterans from Jackson and Josephine counties. It also includes the number of soldiers missing in action, wounded and killed. A photo of Korea, the Cross of Malta (VFW symbol), and poems are included.  Dedicated:  July 27, 1993.

Grants Pass

A Memorial “Honoring the men and women of Josephine County who served their country in all wars of this century.”  The Memorial is in remembrance of the wounded, the disabled, and those MIA-POWS. It is dedicated to those who lost their lives in the “Quest for Peace.” Dedicated: June 14, 1994.
Location: Riverside Park near the river; 6th Street and Park Street, off Highway 99

American Veterans of the Korean, Vietnam and Persian Gulf Wars Memorial.  Inscription: “All who shall hereafter live in freedom will be reminded that to these men, women and their comrades, we owe a debt to be paid with grateful remembrance of their sacrifice and the high resolve that the cause for which they served shall live eternally.”
Location: Riverside Park, 111 E. Park Street

Myrtle Creek

Veterans Memorial and Rose Garden is a stonework wall with bronze plaques lists names of veterans killed in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Persian Gulf.  The memorial includes a flagpole in the center wall.
Location: Across from Mill site Park on Volunteer Way


Stonework wall with bronze plaques listing names of veterans killed.
Location: Courthouse lawn, 1036 SE Douglas Street.

Seven-foot wooden Statue of a veteran in honor of veterans of all wars. Dedicated on June 6, 1984.          Location: Roseburg VA Hospital, just inside of the front door of main building.

The Major General Marion Carl Memorial Field (regional airport) is named in honor of the late-World War II Marine Corps fighter ace, and veteran of the Korean and Vietnam wars.
Location: 900 SE Douglas Ave.


Memorial Marker–only known incident of Japanese bombing on American mainland during World War II.
Location: Near Constitution Way.

Coos Bay

A wooden life-sized three-figure statue memorializing America’s war heroes consists of two soldiers and a nurse near a 20-foot tall flagpole.
Location: Temporarily housed in front of the main city fire station, 150 S. 4th Street


If you can donate funds directly to any Veterans Organization – support, or offer time and ideas on how we can bring better attention to our Service Men and Women – or if you just need information, please contact the offices of either Court Boice or David Brock Smith.


Appreciation  and  admiration to each and every one of our Veterans.  They are Heroes!