Hands-On Vocational Training

Court wants to help Oregon’s economy while strengthening  the family unit. He hopes to hold the federal government to its promise to retrain displaced timber workers as promised in the Northwest Forest Plan of 1994.

Hands-On Vocational Training can help stabilize or attract local industry by supplying a workforce. Strengthen families by providing family wage jobs that are not dead end employment while building pride, work ethic and self-worth.

Today there is a great shortage of qualified skilled labor but there is an abundance of untrained and unskilled workers. Many of these workers are unemployed or under employed or just looking for a trade to improve their lives. Not everyone is suited to go on to 4 year college that may or may not result in employment and some have dead end or minimum wage employment that cannot provide for a family.

Hands-On Vocational Training builds a Workforce with Living Wage Jobs and improves the Nation’s Economy as well as gives hope and some family stability.

Hands-On Vocational Training can advance or create new career paths while supplying workers so businesses can expand. We are very interested in aiding in creation or improvement of Hands-On Vocational Training that produce ready to go to work students with certification documents.

Training in any field would include Drug Testing Compliance, CRP & First Aid Training and Job Application Skills so that interview goes well. Instruction on what employers look for and expect out of employees they invest in. Everything to make successful transition for newly trained workers to enter the new work force.


With the Northwest Forest Plan of 1994 jobs were to be created to replace lost in the woods and mill jobs, none ever were. We would like to address a triple need in Oregon, industries need for trained workers, employment training for unskilled or those wishing to find new work and to fulfill another promise the federal government made and did not keep from the Clinton Administration.